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Making Businesses Better by Design.

VODASY makes businesses better by design and design work for business.

Better design and Design Management result in increased brand value and greater profitability.  We have unrivalled experience across a wide range of design challenges and can help your business achieve that potential – rapidly and cost effectively.

Better Design Thinking for Better Design.


Design Thinking; thinking like a designer, designing.  Hopefully if you employ designers they already know how to do this but if you believe, as we do, that this sort of structured way of creating solutions to problems can be of benefit throughout your business we can help you to achieve this.  This sort of change is not achieved through a couple of workshops or by learning to follow some idealised models.  Like all skills it is acquired through exploration, practice and evaluation but the results can be startling.

VODASY have experience of managing and undertaking the design of hard and soft products, business processes, architectures and systems and so can bring a huge range of perspectives to bear on helping people think like a (good) designer.  And if your designers need a little help and inspiration, we can help with that too.  We can help bring skills from outside their disciplines to challenge the status quo and find new, productive approaches to existing problems.

Better Design for Increased Profit.


The power of good design is huge.  The primary goal of design is to create outcomes or experiences that the user of that design values highly.  That user may be your customer, your staff or your investor but the goal is the same; a solution that is honed to deliver the outcomes desired of it.  A good design is more than this though.  Creating these highly valued outcomes is of no benefit if they come at an unaffordable cost.  Good design will look at the cost of these outcomes to optimise the value created.  A reduced cost may not always be possible but a good design will produce the required outcomes at less cost than any other alternative.  A well managed design process will find that solution quicker and more cost effectively.

Consistently delivering what the customer wants and values is probably the surest route to increasing brand and product value.  Doing so at the lowest practical cost is the way to optimum profit.

VODASY can help you achieve these goals by focusing the design process on the right outcomes, encouraging innovation and creativity and putting in place the analysis that is required to allow solutions to be refined and optimised.  We have helped customers achieve this on projects as diverse as supplier selection tools and railway networks, dining tables and maintenance depots.

Design Management for Increased Brand Value and Profitability.


Of course, helping designers design well is only part of the story.  Design is always a response to a question.  Making sure it is the right question is key.  Understanding the business context of the design requirement and familiarising the designer with it is fundamental to ensuring that the design meets the business need.  There is an art to helping the designer develop a solution that addresses the business’ requirements without stemming creativity too early or wasting resources pursuing avenues that are fatally flawed.  Establishing and reinforcing this business perspective in the design process is absolutely essential in producing designs that create optimum value.

It is essential too for the business to know when to design.  Formal design activities, may be model or image refreshes and are often initiated by production issues, technological change, competitor activity, marketing insight or maybe, just gut feel.  Formalising these processes can bring considerable value.  Understanding the rationale behind the design a company currently uses and thus when that design should be re-examined can take the value of that design to another level.  If design is an answer to a question, then identifying when the question changes is essential to maintaining its value.

If you believe in the value of good design you will realise that any business is full of designed elements, from your data management to your accommodation.  Every element can be improved by better design to create improved brand value and profitability.  The strategic element of Design Management transforms your business such that it can apply that philosophy to all of its activities. It creates a design for designing.

VODASY has helped a diverse range of companies to transform their business processes in a way that is informed by core design activities making their business planning processes leaner and more agile whilst also providing greater visibility of and confidence in future plans, providing assurance and confidence to staff, investors and regulators.

VODASY for Your Business.


VODASY can help your business do design better, making business thinking core to the design process, getting business processes to work with and utilise the design function better and bringing a design thinking ethos to more areas of your business.  Whilst we ensure that we keep up with the latest thinking in Design Management we also utilise a huge depth of experience in managing the design of a wide range of design projects, from highly complex, high value and cost, multi-disciplinary, safety critical projects through to comparatively simple soft projects to working with clients that just need a little help getting started in managing the design process. It is this experience that lets us tailor solutions to suit you rather than trying to make you fit our way of working.