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Making Businesses Better by Design.

VODASY is a Social Enterprise.  We exist for a purpose other than profit; a purpose which is embedded in our articles of association.  VODASY is committed to increasing the tree population of the UK, to improve carbon sequestration and enhance biodiversity.  Primarily we achieve this by committing to using the majority of our profits to support projects that achieve these aims.  However, we are also happy to offer substantial discounts to all Social Enterprises whether or not they support these particular aims and to undertake pro-bono work where practical for Social Enterprises with a similar purpose to our own.

Whilst you are here, why not take a look at these great businesses that are also trying to do good by doing well?

The Sylva Project is based in the Chiltern Hills and aims to improve the biodiversity and carbon sequestration of woodland in the local woods by nudging areas of mono-culture back to a more diverse mix of tree species.  This entails the removal of successive pockets of Beech trees that are then used to produce furniture, helping to re-establish an industry that used to be prevalent in the local area and creating valuable and meaningful employment.

The Sylva Project is currently actively seeking new partners both individual and corporate, to help establish this exciting programme to regenerate woodland and provide positive social change in the local community.

Colwill and Co is a subsidiary of VODASY making custom and bespoke furniture and one off pieces.  The timber used is sourced exclusively from trees outside managed forests such as those felled to facilitate development or for safety reasons.  As a result, the timber is highly unusual and often has an incredible history. This allows unique pieces to be created that harness the shape and character of the tree in a way that mass manufactured pieces never can. 

Colwill and Co can handle the creation of a unique piece of furniture from felling the tree to installing it in your home or business, the ultimate in custom furniture.